Friday, August 12, 2005

More on Mr. Roberts

No, I'm not talking about the Henry Fonda play and/or movie. I'm talking, of course, about Supreme Court nominee John Roberts -- or, as he's now referred to, John G. Roberts Jr. (Wow, that makes him sound more impressive and authoritative!)

Many feared that George W. Bush (see, it's the middle initial that makes him sound more grown-up) would nominate a right-wing extremist hack for the post. Well, it appears that Roberts is not that. What he is, it is becoming apparent, is a corporate hack. You know, the kind of lawyer that can argue any position for a buck, but has particular fondness for high-paying business clients. That's right, our future Associate Justice of the Supreme Court is nothing more than a high-priced ambulance chaser.

And here we see W's true allegiance. It's not to the social conservatives, despite how loudly they scream. It's not even to the neo-cons, despite how frequently they bomb. Nope, it's to good ol' American business -- of the corporate variety, of course. If there's a buck to be made by big business, whether it's through lucrative pork barrel contracts or tricky tax loopholes, Georgie is there to lend a hand. Let's face it, the Prez never met a slimy businessman he didn't like. Nominating Mr. Roberts to the court is just his latest gift to his high-powered corporate pals.

It's really interesting how Bush will take flack from both the left and the right when it comes to helping the CEO class. Extreme lefties, of course, dislike Roberts simply because Bush nominated him. (To be fair, they also find fault with some of Roberts' past cases in regards to privacy rights.) What's fun is that the extreme righties also take issue with Roberts in regard to some work he did in favor of gay rights. You gotta admire a guy who pisses off both the left and the right -- he's got to be doing something right. Or, in Roberts' case, he's just doing whatever his corporate clients pay him to do. Following the buck really isn't a valid judicial philosophy, except in the corporatacracy that America is in the process of becoming.

So the lefties probably don't have to worry about Roberts overturning Roe vs. Wade, or even messing much with privacy rights. And the righties probably don't have to worry about him pushing a pro-gay agenda. What we all have to worry about, however, is Roberts toeing the corporate line and removing government constraints on what our corporate citizens can and cannot do in the name of turning a profit. I suppose it could be worse -- Roberts could be both a corporate hack and a social extremist. Instead, he's just another pretty face in the service of the almighty dollar. All praise the corporate overlords!

But that's just my opinion; reasonable minds may disagree.

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