Sunday, November 05, 2006


Tuesday is election day. It's important that you exercise your right to vote. It will be disappointing to see half the electorate not exercise this right; it essentially means that half the populace doesn't care enough about our democracy to play their part.

I understand why some people don't vote. I've encountered lots of folks, both young and old, who are totally disillusioned with the process. Some of these folks view all politicians as corrupt, or feel their vote doesn't count, or are convinced that money and privilege provide power, no matter what the vote results. Maybe some or all of these views are valid, but you still have to try. That's our duty.

If you don't vote on Tuesday, you forfeit all right to complain about the way things are run. Don't like what's happening in Iraq? Think we need health care reform? Concerned that your taxes are too high? Hate the way your local schools are run? Then quit complaining and go vote. It's the only opportunity you have to make your voice heard -- unless you're a lobbyist with big bucks to donate, of course.

So get out and vote on Tuesday. No matter which side you vote for, your voice is important. Don't squander your opportunity to instigate change -- and, slowly but surely, work towards a better way.

But that's just my opinion; reasonable minds may disagree. (But if you want to disagree, you better vote!)


Joe said...

Hi Mike. Whew, I'm sure you're like me and looking forward to sleeping better each night now that the Democrats, the ones with all the answers, that is, will soon be in power. Silly me. I've voted mostly Republican up to now; finally though, enough ignorant folks like me either stayed away from the polls or were just outnumbered.

Btw, nothing makes me happier than knowing that Julia Carson is going back for yet another term. I know she's comatose half the time, and the other half the time you can't really understand what she's saying anyway (see the various reports in the Indy Star, for example), but she'll make Hoosiers proud serving in Washington again. Hey, you don't suppose there's any connection between Indiana being looked down upon by every other state and us having a representative like Ms. Carson, do you? Oh well, at least we can always say we outrank Arkansas and Alabama in most polls.

I can't wait till inauguration day. From that moment forward we'll never have bad weather, we'll all make more money and every conflict around the world will be resolved! Yay team!

(Sorry for the cynicism...I'm not convinced this changes much of anything.)

Michael Miller said...

Hey, change is good. I'm guessing, though, that you didn't have much more choice on your ballot than I did. Here in Hamilton County, half the offices had a single Republican running with no Democrat in opposition. Where's the choice in that? And as for Ms. Carson, yeah, probably not the bet example of a dedicated public servant, but I'd rather have her to vote for than my slime-ball Congressman, Dan Burton. At least there would be a choice!